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Mr. Sticky’s Franchise Group, LLC

Looking for a Franchise/ Licensing Opportunity?

Consider a Mr. Sticky’s for your neighborhood, town, or borrough. Our Lancaster operation has been getting a lot of notoriety from Trip Advisor, notably, being in the top 5 position of their list of 495 restaurants in Lancaster County. That kind of endorsement can easily translate over to other locations as well, such as a location that you may be thinking to start operations.

Most franchises will require large up-front expenditure, however, this is not the case with Mr. Sticky’s more flexible entry program.

Franchise and Royalty fees are subject to change without notice; and, purchasing of corporate owned or pre-existing facilities, Franchise and Royalty fees may differ from posted amounts.

Low Cost Entry Program

  • The Low Cost Entry Program is designed to minimize upfront cost to getting started in owning your own Mr. Sticky’s concession trailer or storefront
  • Payback of Initial start-up cost may come from daily operations
  • Starting with Mr. Sticky’s is less than 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of many other franchises

Mr. Sticky’s has made it easy for you to begin operating your own facility, based upon services you want to provide and your financial commitment.

  • Our franchising fee is $27,000. Standard Franchising fee is applicable for all investors.
  • A 6% Royalty on monthly gross sales (less taxes)
  • A marketing and advertising credit of $1000 the first year of operation

Mr. Sticky’s has made it easy to become an owner of your own business, while capitalizing on a recognized brand and product


  • It is the intent of Mr. Sticky’s to assist every Franchisee to maximize their opportunity to become a profitable and on-going business operation
  • Mr. Sticky’s will provide the necessary training to become proficient in bun making
  • Capitalizing on the Mr. Sticky’s brand means faster recognition and greater awareness of the product, both of which are extremely important when starting a new business
  • Mr. Sticky’s provides for a very flexible Franchising payment program
  • Entry into the Mr. Sticky’s group will not remain at such a low entry point

What you need to do:

Contact us at and let us know:

  1. Whether you want the deferred Franchising Plan or the One-time Plan
  2. Let us know when you want to get started
  3. Let us know If you have any other questions

What we will do:

  1. We will send you a Non-Disclosure (ND) form for your review and signature. Please review, sign, scan, and email back to us. Once we get the ND, we will send you some additional information about the Company that will provide approximate entry costs.
  2. We will send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), a Federal requirement, that catalogs approximate start-up expenses and activities.
  3. Have a series of phone calls with you to discuss your plans (time period, financing, location, etc.) and desired result.
  4. Partner with you in site selection, floor plan design, equipment selection and general planning.
  5. After your review of the FDD, and you want to proceed with a Mr. Sticky’s Franchise, we will send you a Franchise Agreement for your review and signature.

We have the product!

All you need is the energy, financing and desire!